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Appendix I

Frequently Asked Questions.

To commit anything to writing naturally enough incurs not only having to answer many questions but also having to respond to the same enquiries over and over again during the course of the years, and to so many people from all walks of life. As for myself then I am of the opinion that the books, poems and articles can speak for themselves, for that was the point of writing them; and I have little or nothing to add to any of it from years of hindsight, and certainly nothing to subtract from it. But that does not alter the fact that people ask questions nonetheless; and any degree of interest in these things warrants a reply to the best as one can do it in my opinion. The problem being is that my answers have often been known to be somewhat long. But nothing is easy to define is it - let alone the intangible aspects of existence. Oh I do envy mechanical engineers much of the time :- )

Needles to say the things which I have written about cannot be proved by one person to any other - other than by having such revealing experiences for one's self and knowing the long term effects of them; and which is all the proof one needs that such things exist to be experienced and known and that they alter ones existential experience of existing and our understanding of it, in an unfolding or personal evolutionary process of becoming the more that we can become here on earth - and millions do to this or that extent. However, the study of self, the mind and consciousness, is still an empirical study albeit that it is an intangible which cannot be sliced up and studied under a microscope. But it is indeed empirical in the sense that one is studying phenomena which is revealed to our conscious awareness by the direct experience of it and being affected and changed by way of it. And nothing is for nothing nor comes from nothing.

[Empiricism (Latin experientia - the experience), is the philosophical doctrine that all human knowledge ultimately comes from the senses and from experience. Empiricism denies that humans have innate ideas or that anything is knowable a priori, i.e., without reference to experience. ]

Consciousness and being is no more exempt from rational scrutiny, study, analysis, and contemplation than is the moon, the stars, a tree, or anything which is experienced to exist anywhere and any how; and we have more than five senses with which to do it. One could well say that everything which exists is sacred, but it is not sacred in that it is untouchable, aloof or for not knowing.

Likewise do I maintain that anyone who talks or writes about these things (and which indeed are important to us) should at least endeavour to justify their assertions as best they can by a detailed account of their direct personal conscious experience of the things which they talk and write about - but how many do? Very few in fact. It is all very well pontificating and preaching about any aspect of the transcendent (or anything else for that matter); but if a detailed description of what they are talking about is not forthcoming then, to me at least, it is not worth a fig and amounts to nothing but a pile of unjustified words which may well point to nothing extant or knowable. But, if something does exist to be known by the human mind and consciousness - then it will be; and by many observers of it - not just one or two isolated people. And albeit not all at the same time.

Given that I have 'retired' from mass communication then I will endeavour in this appendix section to spend a little of the remaining time in addressing some of the questions which one is asked most often - but it can only amount to saying the things which I have already said in other ways and with other words. One certainly does acquire a vast collection of emails since the advent of cyber space, so there is much to draw from therein alone.

I sincerely hope that this website, the books, poems and articles have been of some value and assistance to at least a few people (they tell me it has, and which is encouraging) and that it may continue to do so in time to come.

Thank you for your time, and the encouragement to talk of things which are not easy to talk about; but which are important to do so nonetheless.

Dick Richardson West Somerset. UK.

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