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Appendix 3

So, what is so Different ?

A question that has often arisen from those who have made a brief casual reading of some of the things which I have asserted, or perhaps read just a few of the poems or a few of the articles, is…. "So, what is so Different about this then"? Also I should state that many within the scientific materialistic paradigm assume (wrongly) that I am embroiled within the religious paradigm, and the religionists - well, I will not mention what they think, but they are very opposed to it, for it just about contradicts everything they choose to believe in. So, the truth is I am neither. I would also mention than none of the poems stand alone - they are all one long story. Moreover, and most important thing is that I, and others who have known this, have a very different philosophy, way of life, outlook on existence, our own part within in, and even ones daily existential life is very different to either of the other two. And I would not trade places with either of them at any cost.

However, the easiest way to briefly reveal the difference is by way of pictures - you will have to draw them in your mind however, but I will explain….

Draw a round circle in the middle of a white sheet of paper. The circle represents our own being, and mind. Everything outside of the circle is objectivity, and the circle itself is a closed circuit and goes nowhere. (this applies to both the religious and the scientific paradigms so far). Thus, everything comes to us from the outside (or in the case of religions this or that magician in the sky).

With science the stuff in the circle is an epiphenomenon of the matter of the physical universe (the stuff outside of the circle). That is to say lumps of rock and water turn into people and all conscious entities. With religion this is much the same, except that it all happened virtually over night and their thing in the sky breathed life into it. And then watches it, judges it, and decides whether the dump it or keep it hanging around in some other place up and beyond the sky - providing you have read and believed the book which it wrote (and can even understand it). But instead of just dumping it it prefers to let it suffer - for a hell of a long time - because it did not believe in it and lived its life by other principles and morality and also used its brain and intelligence (which it gave it). So, in all truth there is not really that much difference between religionists and scientists from the mystics perspective - except that scientists are invariable much smarter and generally much nicer and kinder people too.

However, I see it all nothing like this at all - nothing like either of them. Now, scrap the isolated closed circle idea completely. Instead see a vortex of manifesting energy within a greater vortex of manifesting energy. The little vortex being our self and the vast vortex of which it is both a part of and within, is the cosmos of existence (not just a physical universe). But, both vortices have their origin in the same point of no duration and extension at the base of these fields of emanation (the absolute ground of being). But this absolute ground of all being and all extant things is not in space-time, but way way below it. Out of time. Both vortices (the observer and the observed) are issued forth from an eternal point of un-created energy (which owes its existence to nothing else - hence un-caused). One cannot say it always exists because always is a temporal thing and idea. It just IS - and eternally unchanging. It is not creation and it does not create anything - but existence flows from it, and in all manner of forms. Consciousness being one of them.

However, we come to learn also that even that first stage of our self is even deeper than time and space, and although not being in the absolute point of no duration or extension - for we (primordial consciousness) is the first thing issued forth from the absolute point of no extension (and to it we all return at some point - for we are the cognitive life force). But just like the physical universe itself we BECOME what we can become by way of the dynamics of the whole process, and with a personal evolution within it. Hence the becoming process.

Thus, we are never disconnected from that point of our own origin as a cognitive entity. There is no closed isolated circle. Moreover, consciousness can return to that point even during a lifetime here - and it does. But not in all cases it seems - well, not in any specific lifetime anyway. But, given this stuff cannot be switched off, and it cannot stay there, then re-emanation is implied. But we would never remember doing so for there is no memory or even thinking there.

However, the dynamics of that level of our being are acting and working the whole time weather one knows it (aware of it by direct cognitive experience) or not. But, in becoming consciously aware of it one is motivated directly by it consciously rather than subconsciously. And that of course has a great effect in living life here and in our own evolutionary unfolding.

So, suffice to say, for I do not wish to write the whole book again, that this is nothing like the beliefs of either science or religions. And it is not even a belief, one simply talks of what one discovered, what it revealed and the effects which it has. I do not believe all this stuff no more that I believe that I have to breath in and out in order to stay in this part of creation. I do not believe that I am walking on two feet on this world, I know it.

Thus, it is totally true to say that our body and brain is both the stuff of the stars and this physical globe. But at the same time true to say that this initial spark of our cognition and the life force itself (which is not a conscious thing itself) is an alien - not from this world and not even from a physical universe of time and space. Given that there are three parts to our experiential existence and only one of those parts is in time and space as we experience out here, then only one third of the sum of our being is a product of time and physical evolution. But the middle section has a 'time' of its own and an evolution of its own (call it the soul if you will). But the first part never changes, does not evolve, for it is that part of the life forces which in conscious. But we are each one tiny twinkle of it. Like one photon in a vast light show. But not all of it is lit up and sparkling yet.

Now, as to what part of all this a religionist would call their 'god' one has no idea. But then again they do not talk about all this, they talk about things which they have invented and decide to believe in - and of course which comes from a variety of different books written by ancient homo something or other.

The last laugh of course is that which exists for real is there to be experienced, known and lived. Wait and see. If people claim that books inspire them - then wow, wait until you find what is there to be found, known and lived.

The irony of course is that the fanatical religious terrorist who dies to get to a heavenly paradise by killing others, will get there - but not because of what he or she did here - and as do we all. Thing is I do not know when or how long - but I do know that the middle section is not a place to hang around in - for tis dark and lonely there, and we can still think and remember this life whilst there - Limbo. One wants to go through Limbo and out the other side like a dose of salts - per opportunity to forget - and start again as fresh and virgin.

But, having learned that the middle section evolves then what we do here is going to have an effect and consequences there. But that place (dimension) is not easy to learn a lot about in a hurry - and I would not fancy hanging around there long enough to learn too much about it either. I would leave that part well alone. And leave it to do what it naturally does; for it is the engine room of incarnate life. I know one of its functions is to turn life experience into archetypes and instinct. Best not feed it with crap in which case. Bit like the story of Dorian Grey really.

So, my understanding of life and existence by way of experience (not books or hearsay) has about as much affinity with either religions or science as does a snowball with a steaming hot dog. And spirituality is not religion - and religions as sure as Limbo aint spirituality. Science will never eradicate priestcraft and religions. Mystics might, but it is doubtful. But reality will :- ) Or one could say that truth will annihilate all lies, and light will illuminate all darkness - literally. Religions do not come from mystics. Some come from charlatans and then politics (priestcraft) takes over. But, unfortunately brainwashing is far easier to implement than it is to eradicate. Annihilation does a good job of that however. Un-brainwashing the brainwashed is worse, though similar, to taking sweets away from a baby. They do not want to let go. But sweets are not quite as bad for you and society as religion and priestcraft is. Try a dose of spirituality and real life instead AS IS. And it works, and it is good.

So, that is the difference.

Dick Richardson
West Somerset.

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