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Appendix 5 - The Long Term Future of Man.

The Ultimate Mystery; Solved.

The Life Force


Existence as we experience it contains many mysteries as yet, but I have personally been motivated by one in particular, and which is the most important and profound one of them all – Cognitive Existence itself. For without that nothing could ever be known of anything. If there were nothing which knew that things existed then they might as well not exist at all; for they could never be known to exist even if they did exist. Thus, for anything to be known then cognition, or consciousness, or mindful awareness, must exist. Hence, cognitive existence is an essential cosmological ingredient and a universal constant.

Cognition however, and although in essential nature is a constant and unchanging phenomenon, manifests through evolved stages within its own cosmological unfolding and development in order to know and understand more and more, and in so doing coming to have dominion over existence itself. If one wishes to look at it in the light that the Cosmos comes to know itself, then so be it, and it is one way of understanding it. Another way, but which amounts to the same thing anyway, is to look at it in the light that Cognition comes to understand itself.

Thus, whichever way you understand it best works for you; but in reality they are the same thing; and much like looking through a window from outwards to inwards or inwards to outwards; in the final analysis you see and understand the same thing whichever way you look - Existence.

Where Cognition is known to exist then we (human beings) give the name LIFE to that phenomenon. Where Cognition is not known to exist then we refer to that as inanimate matter. However, the fact is that there is nothing in existence which is inanimate, for everything is movement. The fact that some things are not seen to be in movement is simply relative to the mode of Cognition and its powers and limitations of observation. This simply means that nothing is static, it does not mean that all things which exist contain the power of Cognition or the Life Force. Added to which one mode of Cognition cannot know what it is to be another mode of Cognition. A worm cannot know what it is to be a dog, and a dog cannot know what it is to be a man, and a man cannot know what it is to be that which comes next in the chain of being; and irrespective of them all being modes and manifestations of Cognition. However, there is one mode of being which they can all KNOW, simply because it is that which they all are in their primordial essential root nature of Cognition. It is this level of Cognition which unites all Cognitive forms and manifestations of which as ONE. Humanity is a very new level of Cognition hereabouts, yet it assumes that it is highly advanced. Compared with a worm it certainly is. But things do not stop at human Cognition any more than they stop at worm Cognition.

Evolving Perceptions.

Little need be said about this, let alone by me, simply because humanity has passed on information from one generation to the next ever since it existed here; initially by word of mouth, thence by writing. Thus, humanities evolving perception of the nature of things and their own place within it is simply a matter of recorded history and literature. We cannot know what they experienced and we cannot know what they actually thought, but we can know what they wrote down at least. And that is suffice to give a reasonable understanding today as to how they thought and understood things in times past. In this day and age we can all (or nearly all) avail ourselves of this information if we choose to seek it out. Well, the brunt of it anyway. Me thinks that is all that need to be said on this issue.

Rare Cognitive Events.

Once in while throughout the voyage of Cognition it does what is seen to be rare and unusual things. The particular life form involved may well be very confused about such events at such time, and many labels and handles have been given to such events throughout the evolution of the manifestation of humanity. Little need be said about this too, and the above (or recorded history) will open up sufficient scope for anyone to study such things for themselves; and albeit that it can take quite a while so to do. Neither will I bother to mention the various names that have been given to these events or as to what people hearing of them by proxy came to think about them, for all that is evident enough and well documented in the vast archives of humanity.

All I will make mention of here is that event which throughout all human existence has been regarded as (and rightly so) the most profound and revealing Cognitive Event known to man. As for myself, it would seem to me that I have documented that event as well as anyone ever has since humanity existed. They will no doubt do it even better in time to come, and I look forward to that for them. But, in the meantime, or prior to now, they have not. Leastwise I have certainly not found one, and not for the lack of trying. And one of course can only document it if one has known it; and even though a whole plethora of people talk about it who have not known it. Therein lies the real problem; and confusions for many generations.

Where is Human Cognition at ?

The world of humanity at this point I time is full of things which they choose to believe but do not know. The world is full of conspiracy theories. The world is full of so called secrets and so called secret knowledge. The world is full of stupidity and corruption, and corruptibility. The world is full of questions which they dare not ask. The world is full of change and continued movement. The world is full of cheats, liars and charlatans who would sell anything wanted by any buyer for a price. The world is full of the exploitation of man by man; and man versus all the other life forms on it. And they call this an advanced and intelligent life form. No way! But, true enough, they are not all like that; and therein hope is seen to be somewhat justifiable at least, and with the process of Cognitive Evolution moving on; as it does. What of the next million years of Cognitive Evolution on this world? Do you know what it will be like then? Neither do I. What of the next stage of Cognitive Evolution? Do you know? I have some idea.

Think on this.

What could be said to be within us and yet also plainly, evidently obvious, to be objective to us at the same time? Have you guessed it? The answer is LIFE, or rather the LIFE FORCE. Were it not ‘out there’ then I would be the only one. Were it not in here then I would not exist, for that is what I am. So, IT is in here and IT is also out there at the same instant. The LIFE FORCE exists within and IS, every living manifestation of it. So, YOU have it, because you ARE IT, but you do not own it. IT owns YOU. IT IS YOU and YOU ARE IT.

Oh, but what is the life force they will ask. It is just THAT. It is a part of the Cosmological Principle and a Universal Constant – Cognition. IT is everywhere at the same time and always. Human beings tend to think of LIFE as that bit between an individual being born on this world and then leaving it, or dying. Humanity must broaden its horizons of understanding. How can that be done and what can do it? The answer to that is dead easy and no secret. Cognition itself DOES IT, for it is what IT IS. A life manifestation is destructible and finite, but the Life Force is not.

So, what is the Big Big Mystery and the so called Ultimate Secret?

The Big Mystery is that I AM the Life Force (and so are you). If you like to assume that you are something less than the Life Force, then do so, until you learn differently. But thinking that will result in nothing worthwhile, nothing constructive, for it is self denial and self diminishing so to do.

So, in that magnificent revelation of the very ground of our nature of being (and in which all manifestations of Life are the same identical thing) what is one encountering? The answer, I have already given elsewhere many years ago when not much more than a mere boy. The answer is you are encountering your SELF in its primordial nature of Being – the Ultimate Cosmological Constant – the Primordial Mode of the LIFE FORCE which YOU ARE. That is what one experiences, comes to know (one should say comes to remember again) comes to understand yet again and again. Why? Because it has to – in order to GO where it is going in time and in formation.

What level of things gave event to the Life Force itself ? No created thing; for it never was issued forth; IT always was and IS; it is an Eternal Cosmological Constant and a Universal Formation – Primordial Cognition. Why can it not be found and known? It IS found and known! It is the first thing and the last thing known; and is ever in attendance at hand. It is as close to you as close can get – it IS you.

Did YOU make you then? Oh no, No Thing Made made me, I am the first to come from the Cosmological Principle of BEING, and before time and events manifest forth for my welfare and journey into the exploration of the unknown. I have to BE in order that anything can be known, and used, and loved. Do you see?

Those who do not see will see; they have to. And if you would live whilst alive here then free yourself from the chains that bind, such as indoctrinated beliefs and religion; for they will not liberate you, they will turn you into the walking dead. Life does not exist to believe things, but to explore them, know them, and then come to understand them and use them wisely. And, as I also said when not much more than a little boy; there is only one thing greater than the Love of Wisdom, and that is the Wisdom of Love; for it not only makes you live but it also carries you home. I know. For Love has to know what Love is and why it exists. As does Life – for they are the same thing. Do you see? They are YOU.

Its is all plain enough when you see. There is no real mystery, other than it all being somewhat mysterious of course. But, what isn’t. And of course, it is all something to do; and far better than nothing. That is why nothing does not exist; and existence does. But, a part of the Cosmological Principle is that if you are going to do it then you are going to get it right – one way or another. Or would you rather be a Fish for all duration? Why then when you look into a mirror can you not see you? Because other stuff gets in the way of course. The eyes cannot see it. Cognition alone knows it; for Cognition is what it is, and what you are.

Is it good? Tis no better or worse than what I AM. But the little old me here in formation (the finite ego) can become a lot better when cognisant of what I AM. Do you see? Listen to fools and you will become one. Learn from life and you will gain understanding. Nothing else works.

The Long Term Future of Man.

The long term future of man has to be to aspire to anarchy. That means a civilisation without political control; it does not mean chaos or the lack of organised systems of social and economic cooperation. Ever since human beings first came to live together in some kind of tribal or national group they have needed to be told what to do, rules laid down for them to follow – or else. Whether it be by self elected monarchs or an elected government makes no difference, for the effect is the same. How else to control a mob of individualistic selfish wild people? The ideal then is a civilisation that does not need to be controlled and told what to do simply because they would do it anyway, and of their own volition. That is to say of their own volition and wishes simply because they would know that it was the only way that could work. Thus, Man has to get much smarter than they are at the moment. So, that is a long way off as yet. And assuming it ever comes about at all.

Could such a civilisation ever exist? Yes, it could; there is nothing to prevent it happening. Will humanity ever reach that stage? The answer to that is that it is not written in stone, and whether they do or not is solely down to them and what they want most. But if humanity does not then there are no doubt many other life forms throughout the Cosmos, and some of them might make it to that stage of being. One hopes that we could number among them. Or, if by some unaccountable miracle we were the only ones then that would make it even more imperative that we arrive and make the grade which justified life and existence. But the chances of us being the only life form in the Cosmos is laughable, a ludicrous idea; for if something can happen once then it can happen many times.

Thus, it would seem to me that it does not really matter very much one way or the other in the vast scheme of things as to whether we ever make that grade or not. The choice is down to us. What is the point of intelligence if it is not used? What is the point of passion if it does not motivate us wisely in a positive direction? What is the point of an ideal if it is not followed through to its fulfilment as best it can be done? What is the point of life if we do not make the most of it for life itself? What is the point of learning through both personal conscious experience and also the lessons of history if we ignore it all? What is the point of memory if we forget it? What is the point of the power and ability to write and communicate if there is nothing to say? Why kick the most miraculous event in existence (life itself) in the teeth?

But if we ever do make that grade, and arrive at that Dignity of Man, then it would not be to fulfil ourselves but rather to fulfil the very principle of Being and Becoming and life and personal existence itself. Whilst individuals and societies live only for themselves and their own fulfilment it will never work, never happen, could not happen. We have to go beyond self blindness into a greater vision and understanding of what we are and how we can make it work. Nothing said it would be easy; just as nothing said that it would be impossible. You cannot arrive at what you do not aim for and work for; and every journey has to have a destination or it is not a journey in the first place. But anything which exists and unfolds in time is a journey; but that temporal journey is a matter of choice once volition comes on the scene. Dignity does not depend on arriving at an ideal but simply in aiming for it, of ones own choice and volition. Neither does Dignity exist in doing something which are forced to do, or done out of fear. It must be done for the love of doing and it must be done by our unconditional free choice. If not it is meaningless. You must mean it.

One could say that life itself is dictating to us by our own experience of it – here is life, make of it what you will, for the power of will, and the passion to follow it, is bestowed upon you for that purpose. The choice is yours. But for it to work then they all have to see it and understand it, and work for it willingly and in one accord. In aiming for an ideal we may well not reach it. But every step of the way in that direction makes it a little bit better here than it was in so doing.

If life is worth living, or can be made to be worth living; then we had better shape up fast; for you cannot do much on this world when you are not here on it; nor when the world itself is no longer extant. One can think for so long, but then one needs to act. We are a part of the Cosmos, not something objective to it, thus the Cosmos and life cannot be fulfilled unto we get ourselves right first. Life does that job for us if we let it and observe it closely; and providing that we care enough. If you want a better world then YOU will have to make it so. THAT is within your power. Tis wise not to waste that which is already there and available. The alternative is a missed opportunity. So, which Bell will toll: and for whom other than ourselves?

Dick Richardson.

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