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Techniques and Aims to Access the "Other"
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I have known Dick Richardson for some years and helped him to develop the Twin Vortex Theory. However the purpose of a theory is to predict the results of experiments designed to test if the theory is true. When the substance of the experiment is a person's "inner experiences" and given the gap between our subjective "inner" world and the external environment these experiments take on the role of a personal exploration. This exploration leads to a corresponding growth of our individual understanding about our own non-physical structure.

Of course what one hopes for is that individuals will discover for themselves the same unexpected journey that Dick fell into, but, as far as I know, no one has. The series of techniques I have listed below are ones that I have used over the years but this is the first time I have put them together as a possible discipline to provoke conscious awareness of the non-physical side of our existence.

A Variation on the Yoga Death Posture.

This is the first and most fundamental of the techniques I have used. This one just pumps energy into ones system and after doing it for an hour or so it leaves one's skin tingling. The worst that happened to me was to forget to concentrate and to fall asleep. The best was when I added a chant to the process and then stood up after finishing the exercise and found that my sense of touch suddenly jumped out from the surface of my skin by about six inches. The really impressive aspect was that this extended non-physical surface had tentacles like a sea anemone and that they were wafting back and forth as if in some hidden tide. This did not last for more than a minute or so and I have not yet managed to repeat it but my impressions was that they were the real organs of perception and tell us what it is that our eyes see.

In yoga this posture is called Savasana, sava meaning corpse in Sanakrit. The posture is used to relax a person after doing the other yoga exercises and to do it you lie flat on your back in a comfortable position. In the book on yoga that I have you just focus on your muscles, starting with the feet, and work your way up to your head. The variation I used was to visualise my big toe and take a deep breath while trying to feel the blood flow or pulse in it. Hold the breath while doing this and then as you release the breath let your feeling flow down to your toe. You then move on to the next toe and then down your foot and up your leg. When you reach the top of your leg you start again with the other big toe and work up that leg.

After you have worked your way up to your hips you continue up the trunk of your body picking out the various internal organs on the way. When you get to your neck you switch to one hand and work from your fingers back up to your shoulders and repeat this for the other arm.

You then work up the neck to your face and when you have finished all the features on your face you go to the top of your skull and then down to the base of your spine and work up the spine finishing at the nape of the neck or the back of the skull. At this point you are either asleep or tingling all over. Now you can explore any of the other techniques listed below :.

This technique is very important because it pumps huge amounts of energy into your body and give you a surplus that you can use to explore the non-physical.

Dream Work using Meditation and Back of the Skull Window.

This is another very old technique I adapted to suit my needs. The idea is that you first use the variation on the yoga death posture or a shortened form of it and end with your attention focused on the back of your skull. The next step is to "image" that you are looking out of the back of your skull using a window onto the infinity behind you. You then "image" a symbol or question just beyond the window and hold it as you fall asleep. The technique should stimulate dreams and you must write these down, either when you awake during the night or first thing in the morning. The meditation comes in during the day when you go over the dream and try to work out what your "Other" side might be trying to point out to you. If you do not understand it then hold the essence of the previous nights dream as a question in the window as you go to sleep on the following night.

This practice tends to evolve into a personal dialogue with yourself, a sort of intuitive or feeling reply to symbols or images your conscious mind holds up for examination. It takes practice and discipline but this can be a very fruitful path to go down.

One set of symbols traditionally used to start the process off is Cabbalistic where you "image" a symbol for the Sephiroth for the top of the tree and at the rate of one symbol a night you work your way down the tree. This could produce a series of dreams which you then work on to find their linkage to other parts of you life. It is a very individualist process and therefore a very intuitive one so you more or less have to wok out the meanings for yourself, you can't ask anyone else to do it for you!

Chanting and breath work.

This is just a variation on the first technique where as well as focusing on your big toe when you breathe out you chant Ohm or Oom or whatever sound appeals to you. After working through the whole of your body a few times you might want to just use the technique on just your heart or head. Another technique that can be used is to start with the base of your spine and work up to the crown of your head and down the front of your body and back to the base of your spine. This idea is based on the Chinese concept of the circulation of chi energy. Another variation of this is to use the signs of the Zodiac as placed on the body or the Cabalistic centre and paths again as placed on the human body.

A Most Important Detail - KEEP A JOURNAL.

The last technique is most important, write it all down in a Journal. Keep detail notes of ideas and experiences along with the dates and times they happened. These journals will serve you for the rest of your life as there is no way you will remember the details in ten or twenty years time. Every so often go over the entries and try to work out if the silent aspects of your Self are presenting a pattern or concept to you.

The Hemi Sync "Gateway Experience" CD, Waves 1 & 2

This is my favourite short cut in that it has elements of the above exercise but does not require anything like the same effort. Rather than reproduce the data on the CD here I will just suggest those who wish to use the Hemi Sync approach look at the associated web sites, or or I have over the years found them effective but I have yet to get out of body using them. They do however produce a deep physical relaxation and are helpful if only for that effect.


To develop emotional "intensity" and keep an awareness of the inner depth within you.

To develop awareness of how finite your life is and along with an awareness of Death and the increasing emotional intensity this will help you explore your own inner structure.

Both of the above aims will move your sense of "identity" away from what you now think it is towards a very different perspective. I suspect this change is individual but for me it had the effect of leading me to think of myself as a "consciousness" which occupies a vehicle. First this was a physical body but over the years this is changing so that I am starting to see my core "identify" as a group of "feelings" and "moods".

The last aim, is perhaps, for those among us who are facing the end of their lives. If one moves one's "identity" to a non-physical vehicle then come the death of the body nothing of "you" is lost and your "identity" is free to explore the whole of the non-physical world.

One last point but you must "work" on your own sense of "identity" as nothing in this world, or I expect the next, is free.

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