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The Mystical Gnosis Event

It is unfortunate that by far the majority of books, literature and articles on the subject of the mystical gnosis are not actually about the event of gnosis itself at all, but rather about cultural and historical beliefs about it. The same identical thing happens with mysticism in general. Hence my own attempts to address this regrettable, and potentially dangerous, state of affairs. From hindsight it becomes clear enough as to which past and existing writers and speakers on this subject actually knew (by personal experience) that which they are writing and talking about, and as to which of them did not. But like all things so many folk who distribute misleading information with regard to these things can and do ruin it. Needless to say that when it comes to gnosis then it is also deliberately prostituted at times for vested interests in attempt at the negation of it. Truth is not welcome in many aspects of society; and never was. And which includes social state religions and politics for much of the time.

Gnosis is about what we are and where we come from; Politics is about how we decide to live work and play together and the rules which we decide to make here. And the base of morality is found in the mystical gnosis event, and which is transcendent of the perception of space and time. And that is the truth of it. Logic cannot get at Gnosis - only consciousness can; and all things return to from whence they came; and only that which comes from there can return there. And that too is a fact. Everyone has this gnosis (eternal base wisdom) within them; but some come to experience it here and now, and some do not. But nonetheless it is applicable to every living entity anywhere in existence; for it is the foundation of BEING. But there is more too it all than simply BEING, there is also BECOMING. Becoming the more that we are.

To readdress the balance of this my latest book 'The Mystical Gnosis Event and the Human Situation' speaks not of cultural gnosticism or mysticism and beliefs about it but simply about the living event of the mystical gnosis experience itself. It is an updated version of my last book which was entitled, 'Psychognosis and the Dignity of Man'. It relates an in depth account of this event and also about what it is like; what it reveals, the effects of it, and the implications of it. I do this in order to give young folk something different to think about (by human experience of it) than that which society offers them by way of cultural nurture and indoctrination, and which of course includes the indoctrinated dogmatic religions of priestcraft and other such cults and their vested interests who have and still do attempt to ridicule the actual phenomenon upon which they themselves had their own foundation originally.

The link below will take you to the book which can be downloaded free. Also on this website are many poems relating to these things, plus a few other relevant and related articles. Good hunting.