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Fields of Consciousness

Reflecting on the times gone by,
whilst lonely in a field,
a tiny distant shining light
to me was then revealed.

The light it bade me hither,
by love's gravity it seems;
and when the two became as one,
I transcended human dreams.

The young will have their visions
in the light which then redeems
the knowledge of from whence we came:
and when old we dream our dreams.


That which I now offer,
has been learned through many years,
I have learned of it through laughter,
and learned of it through tears.

Much is done in ignorance,
and much is done in pain,
but if I had to walk such road,
then I would do it all again.

And if you and I do not thus sing
of what sets the heart aglow,
then it could well take the children
so long, to come to know.

One thing, I would ask readers,
if I may be so bold;
to read the lines which follow,
in the order which they're told.

* * *

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