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There is one thing you ought to know
if one would advise you which way to go;
so heed a word, and mark it well,
lest your mind may fare unwell.

In order that you truly see
words of truth that come to thee,
distinguished from a word untrue
of things which are so close to you.

Remember that a one who knows
the restitution of repose,
and truly seen the wondrous thing;
their poetry will dance and sing.

So if there is no sparkle there;
but words of doom, and dark despair,
then let your mind not linger long;
for theirs is not the actual song.

Hence, be alert, where greed may dwell;
which brings a cloud, a hollow bell;
and thus a darkness long in time;
for theirs is not the actual rhyme.

* * *

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