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The Nous of Wisdom knows itself,

and knows of something more

which lies beyond the reach of things,

right at the very core

of all the things that come to be

ripples on the temporal sea.

Let it not then be a chore

to go in search of so much more

than symbols that erect a bar

to the gold which lies within the jar.

A Butterfly will flutter by

not caring of its name,

while those that name the stars on high

no greater sup attain

of the twinkling in the night sky

or music in the brain;

nor warmer in the sunshine's rays

or wetter in the rain.

And where a word encroaches

upon the senses field

no greater truth, or wisdom,

can e'er such naming yield.

And near will any Codex

written, signed and sealed,

release such inner secrets

as when the nature is revealed.

Fill not the mind with clutter

beyond the call of need,

but leave a space for nourishment

for that inner magic seed;

the Divine Spark of Nous within,

which makes creation dance, and sing.

* * *

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