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Paradise is all around you,
and yet you cannot see;
it's also spread upon the Earth,
the sky, the winds, the sea.

And even when you're sleeping,
or with eyes closed in the dark,
it's calling you like Sirens song,
from the depths, a tiny spark.

Such Sirens call will lure you;
(the travellers on the sea)
down to the deepest rock there is;
the foundation of Eternity.

Then Paradise is all around you:
so list dear Omar to me
and ride with me a moment
to the Womb of Eternity.

I will give you knowledge of the all,
but I cannot make you see;
for that's reserved for something else;
beyond the likes of me.

But I will give you knowledge
of Paradise itself,
until such time you find the Grail
is deep within your self.

* * *

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