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There was a time, some years ago,
when nought, I thought, there was
could answer all my questions;
because, because, because!

But soon I learned that was not so;
there was a place that we could go
where all the answers we would know,
are waiting there... so deep below.

Such questions that pertain to time;
then only time can tell;
but those which burrow deeper yet...
there, we must go as well.

Be wary though, of what you ask;
for are you truly driven ?
And will you take in that which comes ?
Whatever may be given ?

For it's nothing like the mind could dream;
and like no words can say,
when the insubstantial pageant fades,
and all things pass away.

If you would know it, then you must,
leave all behind, like dust to dust,
and journey down that lonesome road
alone, alone, to the Motherload.

* * *

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