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(for Bryony)

Once, upon a miracle,
the ferryman called on me,
and took me on a journey
beyond the temporal sea.
Never would a one believe
the things that passed that day,
and of the many splendours
I saw along the way.

In music made of light I swam,
then drifted like a Dove,
beyond the world we all know well,
in music made of love.
The Arkons of the depths I saw
in glory all around,
then carried me through Limbo,
then to my resting ground;

Wherein I spent... forever!
midst time beyond our form;
in truth, and love, and wisdom;
the very first great dawn.
The Virgin Womb of Eternity
opened up to show
its wondrous jewels to me that day;
and why ?... I'll never know !

So furthermore dear Omar,
it is not quite true to say,
that none come back to speak of
those things along the way.

* * *

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