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(Transitive Consciousness)

Between the Earth and Paradise,
the strangest place to be,
is the realm of minds transition,
the journey of the free.
No freedom though, there is within,
of actions, choice to see,
for only that which needs must,
is made for you and me.
One facet of transition
is Limbo's quiet scene;
where nought there is created,
but time to think, and dream.
Such visions are the Arkons,
of light beyond the Earth,
and each one has a message
self evident, as our birth.
It is a kind of learning
much speeded up in time,
and the message is implicit,
without a word or rhyme.

The Arkons of the depths prepare
the way that lies ahead;
where some say you are living,
and some say you are dead !
They also act as transport
to Annihilations gate;
in the midst of the white state.
Beyond the gate of Paradise
all memory is thus lost,
of all the things you did in time;
their pleasures, and their cost.
But, of all the Arkons,
along that deep dark flight,
the most majestic of them all,
is Music... made of light.

* * *

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