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(The Realm of Limbo; or Mind Alone)

There is a time for laughing,
there is a time for thought,
and there is a time for going
where no Earthly thing is wrought.

And when such time encroaches
and clouds the temporal dream,
fear not the rushing darkness
and Limbo's quiet scene.

For in the stillness of 'No-Thing';
no vision to behold;
there is a wondrous lesson,
a story to be told.

Unlike the journeys final end
in the Womb of Eternity,
the temporal halt in Limbo
there is no thing to see.

Yet strange, so strange, it is to be
in knowledge of 'No Thing',
and how the thought of 'nothing'
teaches us to sing -

part two

- a leaf, a breeze, a drop of rain,
a snowflake in its fall,
each touch, each smell, each vision,
and the purpose of them all.

Before the gate of Paradise,
before Annihilations might,
in the passageway of Limbo,
wherein there is no light
is now the greatest lesson
that man can learn today,
of what it's like, when all the things,
of life... have gone away!

So much I learned in Paradise;
So much I learned on Earth;
but somehow strange, and strange to say,
in Hell, I learned their worth.

Yet even that dimension,
where nought there is to see,
is but a Divine essence,
a lesson, so to be.

* * *

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