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Dedication to Rosamonde Miller
of the Gnostic Sanctuary Palo Alto.

A solitary light is coming fast !
the song I sing will be my last;
sad to say it's time to go,
and all the things I'll never know !

But never mind, the road was fun;
even though it's now nigh done.
What a way to end this flight...
crashing out in blazing light !

Down Eros, and up Mars....
but wait !... the thing is full of stars !
My Gor'd... I drift in love divine...
the Eternal Dome... is mine; all mine !

My Gor'd... I've made a motley pun
of what I am, and whence I come !
Would, Oh would, that I could be,
out here, as when I am with thee.

Never would a man believe
what in truth he does achieve.
So spread your blessings throughout time;
or no work will get done...
and that won't rhyme !

A heart on fire will pound and pound
and like a feather, float to its ground.
In resurrection from 'No-thing',
among the lights I sing and sing;
a silent song that none can hear;
except the Ultimate Cosmic ear.

* * *

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