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The Trimorphic Protennoia;
(three aspects of the Mind),
two which serve a temporal need
and one which remains behind.
A Rose by any other name,
as spirit, soul, and mind,
but the Trimorphic Protennoia
is Consciousness you'll find.

FORMATIVE cognition,
the norm of temporal mode;
TRANSITIVE cognition,
which takes that lonely road;
ESSENTIAL cognition,
which in Paradise doth dwell;
and in the final Arkon field
you'll know them Oh so well.

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
as some would have it known;
but they attribute to something else
that which is your own.
For Mind in Paradise is not that
which brings all things to be;
for that is something deeper yet
than the emergent parts of you and me.
Cast your net a little deeper
than the mystic Trinity
when talking of the first cause
of Time and Eternity.

* * *

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