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(Annihilation of Annihilation)

The Resurrection defies all words
that you and I can say;
of what is seen, and what is known
in the place we go that day.
Never could a Human mind,
while in ignorance doth dwell,
construe, think, or imagine,
anything done so well.

'Tis simpler to say nothing,
and keep the mystery,
but what a waste of precious truth
of things invested thus in we.
A picture would tell nothing
of what it's like in there,
the vision is just perfect
but of quality nought can compare.

Imagination only works
on things already known;
thus, never try to ponder
on the quality of Home.
But when the TWO become as ONE
amid the final gate
such little time will pass before
you rest in your orbit of state.

The void of no duration
through which we then must go,
(the real, and only, act of death)
before you come to know.

part two

There is, in resurrection,
an irony it's true,
for you'll know just what you really are;
for the first time.... you'll know YOU.
But what is more important
you'll know of something more,
of something else which is not you,
of something.... so much more !

The vision is a bonus,
though the best thing ever seen,
but there's more to that Womb than vision,
far more than you could dream.
And when you arise in Paradise...
... you never did arrive;
for that is where you've always been,
since first you were alive.

'Tis magic of the Nth degree;
and God knows how it's done !
and the answer to that question,
alas will never come.
But then again, who wants to know;
such things you will not care,
while you are in such Wisdom
of the child you are... in there.

There is another aspect
so strange to come to see;
that ultimate divine knowledge,
is unquestionable mystery.
Though it is a kind of mystery,
in which there is NO DOUBT;
and thus a total knowledge
of what it's all about.

part three

And in the midst of Paradise,
as far as one can see,
it goes on and on for ever;
and it's made, for you, and me.
The lights amid the darkness,
like Jewels in purple hung;
through which you orbit slowly
while the final song is sung.

But time is of an order
unknown by you and I:
imagine it you cannot,
no matter how you try.
Ten thousand million years go by
beyond the gates of dawn
but while in there, ten thousand years,
is but a divine dawn.

Think not of Trees or Angels,
or wise men with long hair;
think not of men and women,
or cherubim's in there.
But try to just imagine,
to be alone that day,
with a total love n'er ending,
in a passion none can say.

And when the time does come to go
and leave that divine realm;
'tis known so clear, that 'otherness'
is the driver at the helm.
"Oh my love, it's time to go,
for something is in need;
and now you must be with it !"
And thus IT IS... indeed !

part four

Once back on Earth in mortal form
the mind lives in a dream,
of what it IS, and whence it came,
and all the things it's seen.

But 'tis not for the feint hearted,
for there's fear along the way;
although the Arkons smooth the path
to the place we go that day.

If all the Stars up in the sky
were money, gold, or wine;
I would not change them for my love
if presented thus as mine.
For in truth I have them also,
a Universe so wide;
the grass, the trees, the flowers,
which Paradise will hide.

If all the stars were paper,
and all the space was ink;
and if I had forever,
the time for which to think:
then never would the stars suffice,
and n'er would spread the ink,
to tell the story of my love,
and what I came to drink.

No matter then, of where I am,
and what I come to see,
for all the things that come our way
remain in memory.
But when the memory has to go
upon that divine day,
then I am just as happy,
for things to be, the other way.

* * *

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