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(Beyond Annihilation)

Oh my love, that "I" should be
awake in they, as "I" in me !
Judgement knows the depth of Glow,
where spirit falls like snow, on snow.

Where time is done, and put to rest;
primordial womb, so richly dressed !
Many hide in words, or glee;
but I, my love, will set you free !

Through "I" you may behold your form,
as I have watched from the gates of dawn.
No hand has touched, no eye has seen;
no thinking mind has dared to dream.

Time is short and tally's not;
much less cares of what its got.
But holes between events in time,
can't be spent, for they are mine.

Those who see the truth below,
need not believe - for they will Know
the learning is beyond the night,
beyond the moving, and the white.

* * *

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