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Without another to love
all beauty is in vain,
truth is an empty vessel,
no meaning exists in pain.

Beyond the shroud of movement
where not even truth can hide,
is proof enough the saying,
"Nought burns in Hell but pride"!

The Cosmos needs its lover
in order that 'it' can 'be'.
But in order to say "I love you",
requires one to be free.

Thus freedom is the Cosmic price,
its passion churns the throng,
whilst knowing not the Essence,
the Singer; and the Song.

Free acts of choice, as now I know,
is the hardest thing to learn;
and to justify creation now
is what we must discern.

But I tell you this my greatest love;
the freedom that is 'Me',
and now I know just what it is...
... I never shall be free !

* * *

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