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A Gnostic is a one who knows
the restitution of repose,
and having seen that wondrous sight
before the moving, and the white.
The knowledge of the depth of things;
the root from which all time begins
to issue forth its Cosmic load,
and ever conscious of its road.

The wisdom of creations love
returns to seed like wingéd Dove
when its temporal course is through,
washed of care becomes as new.

The Cosmic mind is bound to roam
many orbits from its home,
and into Somnus it must dive,
in darkness, fear, it must yet strive
to liberate its inner form
as it was before the dawn
when the mind dwelt in the light
of that virgin realm so bright.

In mortal life its memory knows
from whence it came, and whither it goes;
and thus it never walks alone,
however far it is from home.
One day, for sure, they all will know
the greatest truth that mind can show;
that 'Love of Wisdom' is second best
to the 'Wisdom of Love', in its home of rest.
And I AM (mind), amid the throng,
have seen the singer, and the song;
and nought can reach Eternity,
other than by way of me.

* * *

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