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Nought there is, could ever be found
more wondrous than the mystic ground;
The Virgin Womb of Eternity,
where life starts for you and me.
From whence we came and to whither we go
when spirits done its temporal show.

Why so grand in there ? we ask !
when temporal deeds are such a task !
Why should time exist at all
if it makes us seem so small
and insignificant to the day,
and foolish in the temporal way ?

But revelation is not done
when first we see creations Son
in its Cosmic Womb so bright,
before the moving and the white.

The essence of the wisdom there
must in time pervade,
and emanate, to stimulate,
the temporal forms parade.

And thus, in such accomplishment,
when essence lands on Earth,
we truly then do realise
the reason for our birth.

Shine not your knowledge on your sleeve
or fret what others may believe;
for that which life has given you
will permeate through what you do.

Well thumbed books can teach anew,
passed on clothes can comfort you;
but Revelation second hand come,
does not work.... on anyone

* * *

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