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Down among the mind, so deep,
where perchance I did once seep
allowing me a Divine peep
beyond a tear I did not weep.

If once again I could but creep
in waking, or in blissful sleep,
or over mountains high and steep
on foot, or wing, or boat, or jeep.

I cannot chirp or sing or bleep
like a Blackbird, cheep, cheep, cheep;
alas 'tis mine, and I must keep
as silent as that womb so deep.

Only the lesson I now can keep,
the lesson of the Cosmic bleep;
in its womb, so bright, so deep;
and my words are but a passing bleep.

But all eventually come to reap
the secret of that truth so deep;
and when they do, they too will keep
its secret from a world in sleep.

* * *

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