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I think, above all other terms,
it might be best to say,
that God is Cosmic memory;
and all must pass that way.
But judgement of the outer things
is done by ones own soul,
in the last but one dimension;
and in knowledge of its goal.

And when each time it comes to bring
the works of temporal form,
and Universes vast and wide
beyond the gates of dawn,
for then it is encoded
upon the light that moves
like megabytes of software;
like music in the grooves.

No eye can see, no ear can hear,
no hand can come to touch;
but only that... that inner self,
can read the Cosmic brush.
That inner self which has its birth
before the dawn of time;
that part of you; that part of me,
which feels the Cosmic rhyme.

part two

Thus, God is not in heaven,
the place for you and me;
but works among the Suns and Moons
the sky, the winds, the sea.
For the highest is the lowest,
and bows its head so low;
and on its waves we wend our path,
its essences to know.

There is then a great sadness
among the scheme of things;
the ultimate in giving,
self sacrifice... for things.
But you and I are not so,
and never come to know
the nature of 'No Thing Extant',
yet makes the whole thing glow.

When next a tear from smiling eyes
by gravity is bound
to wend its way on tender cheeks
with feeling but no sound,
then think on what awaits you
when our short toil is done
and once again we fall back to
the Glory, whence we come.

* * *

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