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"The Power that be does not play dice",
quote Einstein in a rage;
but despite the fact that he thought so much
he had barely seen one page.
For you and I, the thing called mind,
can think and plan in time;
a faculty called freedom,
which makes decision mine.

The giving of such freedom
for our acts in temporal form
is how we learn our lessons,
and where dice becomes the norm.
The dice however, are loaded
by the powers velvet glove;
it cheats - by loading freedoms dice
with an essence we call love.
Thus love is Cosmic blackmail,
though nice as nice can be !
and I could not think of a better way
for the likes of you and me.
For who would go where love does push,
through darkness, fear, and pain
if choice we had to meditate
and reason found no gain ?

And how could things be smarter
where freedom has to choose,
than making us an offer
which none can thus refuse !?
Such humour in creation
runs deep in space and time
and is itself an essence
from the Virgin Womb sublime.
And Love is but one method
to teach things we must know
and bring forth acts we would not choose
by setting our hearts aglow.
But sometimes, when it's lacking,
the spirit glows quite dim;
and at such times then reason knows,
what really makes it sing.

* * *

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