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There is nothing more abhorrent
in the whole vast scheme of things
than that of Man's Elitism,
which the bell of ignorance rings.

False mystics and false prophets,
it has been warned before,
do not bring light into the world,
they crush it to the floor.

They elevate their selves so high
and power seek to mould
over children's minds, and simple folk;
the story is so old.

Be wary of the men who talk
in public oh so loud;
they live not in reality
but an Egotistic shroud
of fear and inner nausea,
and would drag others down,
because they are so lonely
in the pool in which they drown.

'Tis sad that they should suffer so;
and why ? One cannot say.
But do not let them drag you down,
in the mire of their way.

* * *

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