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Those that preach you're born in sin
and live and die the same,
are the virus of the human mind;
they play the power game
of discord and disruption,
and unripe to be called MAN;
no greater stagnant pool of mire
was ever seen upon the land.

Avoid them like the plague of death;
their time on Earth is nigh
to go the way of Dodo's;
and no tear for them we'll cry.

Look not for the living among such dead;
nor sin within a child,
for their birth is of a truth so pure;
of a wisdom oh so mild.

On Earth we come in ignorance;
but cannot stay that way;
and you cannot learn the facts of life
without travelling through each day.

Seek no Earthly Establishment
to guide you through each day;
but seek the truth within your heart;
and you'll not be led astray.

* * *

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