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Temporal mind, like matter,
has its 'Anti-Part',
and when they meet...
.... you annihilate
and from this Universe
you depart.

'Oh, woe is me,
this cannot be' !
I hear the chorus cry.
And what is more,
I tell you now,
you do not have to die.

The principles of life work well,
(there is no such thing as nature,
only the 'nature of the way')
and creation IS its nature.

To those who think I talk of things
of religion or mythology,
I tell them now, I only speak,
of Physics... and Psychology.

They see a mere reflection
imprinted in their mind,
and assume the shadow is the truth
of the depths which lay behind.

They measure shadows by the mile
and by the league or score,
but they know not that the shadows
are reflections of much more.

But as they grow and come to learn
the more that is their self;
then as they do they come to see
a greater divine wealth.

Part Two

A divine wealth in which the mind,
the observer of the scenes,
will come to know a wider range
of things beyond their dreams.

Creation was thus finished
before forms came to be:
but the temporal unfolding
is our learning how to see.

Look, a dance I give you,
but you must learn the tune
before we dance together,
before we can commune.

For I and thou together
are the music of the spheres;
we dance it here, we dance it there;
wherever it appears.

Creation can be painful,
but so can cutting teeth,
but you, not I, can be the judge
of that which lays beneath.

I tell you now, that all will know,
and in their own good time,
for each and every spirit,
is mine, is mine, is mine.

And none will be left barren,
of all there is to drink:
and none my love will go without,
no matter what you think.

* * *

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