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An irony, dear Omar,
amid knowledge of the heart,
we have more unanswered questions
than at the very start.
So many have been answered,
but each bring in their wake
an avalanche of questions
and understanding to awake.
Not questions of Transcendence
but problems on the Earth;
the knowledge of which way to turn
that harmony can girth
the fullness of such tiny globe
amid all walks of men;
their goals, and aspirations,
and when it's done... what then ?

Gnosis is a Wisdom,
though not easy to relay:
but it teaches not, nor dictates,
of our actions for today.
'Tis knowledge of the Spirit,
and the Soul, and whence we come.
But the choice is ours (sometimes alas)
of things that must be done.

So many think they know what's best,
but I must be so slow,
for about such things, alas I feel,
so much I do not know.
But come a time, I know there will,
when the knowledge of the heart,
permeates all men on Earth,
then each will play a part.
And each will have such knowledge,
(though a fraction of the sum),
and when pooled with all their Earth-mates;
a greater day will come.

* * *

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