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When I was but two dozen years
and shed nought but childish tears,
weaned on war and poverty,
I came to know the knowledge tree.

I did not ask to bite and sup
from Eternity's divine cup.
And that which was in there so grand,
by me, was made so crude, so bland.

For twice ten years I gnawed away,
negating that which lights the day;
'twas all a passing whim of mind,
and I must leave it all behind !

But then, again, amid the day,
all entropy did fade away;
and that, to which I would not come,
came to me... in daylights sun.

Never again will I choke on tears
that hang like weights on so few years;
let Eternity see me no more,
I am not fit to pass its door !

part two

I do not mind if I should go;
no more to be, no more to know;
no more to dwell beyond the white,
no more to dance in wisdom's light.

The power that you gave to me;
to judge the womb of Eternity;
my love, I say I am not he,
fit enough to dwell with thee.

That which you have given me,
to know, to keep, to always be,
is more than I can sup this day;
nought can I give that will ever pay.

But this I say, before I go;
knowing no more there is to know;
truly was it so well done;
as befitting such a one.

That which thou has given me
I offer back in a love that's free.
Thus, you taught me, in advance,
the nature of the Cosmic dance.

* * *

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