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Most times we are pathetic
and grovel like a Dog,
desiring plastic trinkets,
snorting like a Hog.
Some want a god to save them;
from themselves no doubt;
some want the same, for ever;
Eternity for a lout !
Some think the best thing that there is
is to be loved for ever more;
they have not learned the lesson yet,
that 'TO LOVE' is even more.

But time and tide will turn all minds;
and that they can well trust;
until such time the flowers bloom
within them; as they must.
For then they'll wish to live again,
and not for themselves this time:
but in order that 'This Thing' can 'be',
among this world divine.
But let us, in the meantime,
walk upon the hills,
and dance and sing together
and share those special thrills.
Notice that this web today
with frost and sun combined
like the never ending story;
just like ourselves: entwined !

* * *

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