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Drink deep of truth young flower,
lest you should come to be
a half baked prophet of your time;
drunk on Eternity.

And when you have seen Paradise,
and for the world you would shed tears;
then mark a word of warning
say nought... for twenty years !

The gnosis of Eternity,
though knowledge so profound,
think not you know the sum of truth,
till you see where it is bound.

The Mutual Convergence you must know
before you come to see
the reason for creation
amid Divine temporality.

The knowledge of the heart alone,
confined within its ground,
is not the sum of all the truth
which in the Cosmos will be found.

Where half baked gnostics sings a song
of dualistic creed,
and the world is a prison for the Soul;
more knowledge you will need !

A little learning is a dangerous thing
if the door on truth is closed,
and further understanding
by your Soul is then opposed.

part two

Though your Mind may dwell in Paradise,
no matter how profound,
in time you'll find it wise to keep,
your feet upon the ground.

So many mystics dwell in awe
yet have not come to see
the reciprocal convergence here on Earth,
and Divine Temporality.

Where all is one, and one is all,
a mere lesson for a boy;
while MAN is now the affirmation
of a vast Eternal joy.

There is a great temptation
to sing of what you know;
but before you close the book on truth,
then see the world aglow.

There are such things enfolded
in the world you walk upon;
and when the flower opens
you'll sing another song.

'Tis one to know the singer;
'tis two to know the song;
'Tis three my fine young flower;
not to sing it wrong.

* * *

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