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Thus it is, the analogy,
that the 'Cave of shadows' is true;
but alas we never know it
until we see the other view
of light beyond the light we know,
and in temporal fields returned.
And whence comes such a time on Earth
when the inner light so true,
by each and every being
is prominently in view ?

But still I say, dear Omar,
and unto you my love,
me thinks it's not the time on Earth
where such truth fits like a glove
while the sacred Cow of profit
rings its hollow bell;
exploits through fear and violence,
and intimidates then of hell.

I understand that in due course
such things will come to be
when the seed of inner movement
engulfs temporality.

But the climate of the temporal mind,
me thinks is not yet ripe,
but wallows still in Somnus,
in a depth which is unripe.

part two

The time is not yet ready
to reap the Golden Fleece:
return then, to your magic realm;
and rest... in Heavenly peace !

Sometimes I've cursed the day I saw
beyond the temporal tree,
and the innocence of beauty
amid this worlds poverty.

Life could be so simple
if such things we never knew;
or observers of such wisdom
at least were not so few.

Where knowledge is but second hand
at best it makes one think;
but when you know; you can compare;
and that is pain... to drink.

You cannot be affected
by what you do not know;
but that which you have been in
which set the heart aglow
can never be forgotten,
negated or put down,
and that is why the mystics weep
when this world they look around.

part three

Think not such knowledge is all fun
while on this world we dwell;
for if you care to sup of truth
then you must drink it well.
Knowledge which is second hand,
like an angelus that rings,
offers knowledge of the truth,
without the pain it brings.

Enjoy your time among the trees
when next the gate swings in the breeze !
But times there are, which sometimes come,
'tis easier said, my friend, than done.
Thus, I would cast such Wisdom
many fathoms deep;
that only those who long for truth
its knowledge would then reap.

But neither do I have to,
for it is already done,
by one that is much wiser,
and to which all things must come.

But knowledge which is second hand,
like an angelus that rings,
offers knowledge of the truth
where the child of Wisdom sings.
But to seek within religion
for the singer and the song
is much like opening vintage wine,
with the aid of a nuclear bomb.

And when at last your reason knows
no more then can be done,
and offers up its being.....

"When you need Me... I will come"!

* * *

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