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Dedicated to William A. Taylor-Fraser

When the insubstantial pageant fades
and leaves not a rack behind
of things that come and go in time,
other than my mind;
then maybe it can come to pass
that I'll return to see
such quintessential essence in form
as the river Badgworthy.

And like the slopes that rise and fall
along the Quantock ridge;
the mists that ring the Exmoor combes
and the Barle at Landacre bridge.
The misty paths that garland the feet
of Dunkery at dawn,
the solitude of Anstey plain,
like Paradise redrawn.

Where best to be, I think at times,
in Paradise or here,
among the finished products fields
where purpose is made clear ?
Such choice is one so hard to make;
and glad that it's not mine;
but would be nice, me thinks, again
to come here one more time.

Be then in no hurry
to return from whence you came!
so much there is to do on Earth
which sets the heart aflame.
The mystic path of life entails
such wonders thus to see;
and all the things that come our way!
such... Serendipity !!!

* * *

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