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So many things life has to show,
and things we have to come to know.
Thus, beliefs, we must abort;
beliefs are of no real import.

Only knowledge reaps a prize,
and from darkness makes us rise,
when knowledge turns to understanding
and makes potential quite outstanding.

But knowledge needs a helping hand
to make us truly understand;
for knowledge alone is but data
and does not, of itself, make us greater.

And that which knowledge has to wed,
be guided by and ever fed,
lest it reaps a Technic prison,
needs the guiding hand of Wisdom.

So too with knowledge of one's self,
for knowledge brings a growing wealth,
of harmony and one accord
which makes the heart and mind applaud.

Beliefs however, have no gain;
and do, at times, drive one insane;
as can many other drugs,
like a garden of flowers infested with Slugs.

* * *

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