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I told it at the outset,
and I'll say it one more time,
that the power is within you
to make this world divine.

Seek not the grail beyond you
for the magic is inside;
the deepest root within you,
loves eternal cosmic bride.

The marriage is outside of time;
before the stars did shine;
before time tore asunder
the repose of the divine.

Wait not then for Paradise,
and all glory yet to come,
for it's even now within you
and the first thing ever done.

Do not believe the truth of this
but seek it for yourself;
for life on Earth is far too short
to miss such Divine wealth.

And so, when times are cold and hard,
and the winters chill is rife,
gather the Babes around the hearth,
and speak to them... of LIFE.

Fire the flame within them,
as the coals do warm the hand,
and tell them of from whence they came,
the Divine Eternal Land.

* * *

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