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Seek not, like fools, a being
that stands betwixt the two;
an intermediary person
Twix the Ultimate power and you.

Believe what you will, it matters not,
for you will come to see,
that beyond the gate of Paradise
there is only 'IT' and 'THEE'.

And your ORBIT is of clockwise
in the stillness of that dome
of Eternal light, and love, and truth,
the place which is your home.

No Man, no time, no thing at all,
can ever come between
your self which exists in Paradise;
the greatest vision ever seen;
and the ultimate truth of all things
that ever come to be
within the fields of Paradise and temporality.

There are, of course, such beings,
wiser than you or me
who walk the paths of time in form,
and so many things they see.

But they do not come before you
in the chain of creations flow;
and of things, and truth in absolute,
and they know.... what you will know.

* * *

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