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How often have I wished I could
describe the passion there
to willing minds upon the Earth
so they could come to share,
whilst even not yet knowing
by knowledge of first hand
of the ultimate Cosmic passion
in the Divine Eternal Land.

It is folly to confuse that love
for love we know on Earth,
for the latter is a shadow,
though of deepest Cosmic worth.
But the passion there is potent
and would burst the very seams
of a human mind incarnate;
beyond its wildest dreams.

If love were an explosive,
then the passion in that place
could blow itself to pieces
and create all time and space.
But the passion which I mention
is but in you and me !
God only knows the volume
which exists objectively !

part two

But passion is not quite like love
as we know of it in TIME,
for our love on Earth is for 'something'
created thus in TIME.

But our passion in the virgin womb
is a furnace not a spark,
and directed not at Paradise,
but something in the dark;
something uncreated,
deeper down than me;
a thing -NO-THING- created;
neither Paradise nor me.

The problem in such dialogue
is that here we stop and think;
but in that realm of passion
we simply dine and drink
a feast of creative power
that no human mind can say !
but everything created
will come to KNOW; that day.

Of that I can well promise,
by way of that loves flow;
that nought there is created
that does not come to KNOW.

* * *

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