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The 'Psyche' is a name we use
which is not too well defined;
but as good a name as any
for the vortex of the mind.
The vortex of emergence
through energy, form, and time;
from the skin which wraps the body
to the depths of mind sublime.

The Psyche's like a building
with a lift shaft to all floors;
and that which travels in the lift
and goes through all such doors
is the consciousness of being;
that thing which says 'I'm me';
and in its path it modulates
the forms of energy.

The mode of minds transition
does set the being free
from temporal forms wherein in dwelt
throughout temporality.

Thus through the dark transition
only Soul and Spirit dwell,
and when they cross-examine
Men call that portion 'HELL'.

But then amid the final gate
the Soul (a kind of shell),
will melt and leave the Spirit be,
in its home; where done so well.

* * *

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