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Mysticism is the path
to which understanding is the goal,
where the centre of all things that be,
and the centre of the Soul,
are thus the self same centre,
and all of one accord,
with a Wisdom which no words can say,
and no books can thus record.

It does not defy Man's reason,
nor runs counter to the heart,
for it is the realm, where all that is,
have their Cosmic start.
But know of this,
well in advance,
for 'tis a lonely path,
and when you come to know the truth:
of old myths you will then laugh.

And know of this fact also,
that the Mystic path's not learned
from books or group discussions,
but through experience it is earned.
And that which mind experiences
from the ARKONS deep within,
are self explicit archetypes
of where the MIND has been.

But beyond symbolic visions
and where time is past and done
therein, and there alone is found
the knowledge of the One.

* * *

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