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When I was young I listened
to many authoritative voice;
sometimes it was pleasure;
and often with no choice.
They told me I should listen
to what they had to say,
in order that their wisdom
would pass to me that day.

But now I say, dear teachers,
(and I doubt that you'll rejoice),
now you will be the pupils;
and I will be the voice !
There is a saying, oh so true,
from times so long now past;
that those who put themselves 'up front'
will be, in fact, the last.
Thus life is very strange indeed,
and in so many ways,
but Humour is an essence deep
in dimensions; Cosmic days.

And when they say
"you have a mind",
then ask what does the owning ?
For they talk in ways like children;
and ignorance are still cloning.

* * *

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