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It is not enough, my friend, to say
"I think, therefore I am" !
For you are that which IS and WAS,
before thinking began !
It is quite safe, of course, to say
"I think, therefore I am",
just as it is to say that you
"exist because you can"!

But even in this temporal mode
such knowledge you can reap;
that you are still existing
while you are sound asleep !
Do not be so foolish
and utter things that way,
for it gives such little credence
to other things you say.

But of the existential gap
where Mind and Brain do dwell,
you could not answer the paradox;
and you said so, oh so well.

But try not thus to push the Cart
to realms you do not know;
just wait, and see, for it will come,
and life, will you, thus show.

* * *

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