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A question is a hole in mind,
a negative Cosmic place,
in which an answer has to grow
like a positive charge, surface.
Ask and it will be answered;
for it has no choice you see!
But the choice which does the asking
is nought but you and me.

Before a question's ever asked,
the answer lies thus made:
it's first among the scheme of things
in the mystic realms arcade.
But a jug is only a carrier
when something lies inside;
but if it is not opened...
then nought, in there, will bide.

Life is one long answer
to all the questions asked;
but if we do not ask them
the answers then are masked.
For down our throats life does not push
its answers thus to see;
but love, oh love, the knowing;
and it will come... to thee.

* * *

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