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Freedom from the Divine

In Paradise there's no Body,
no smell, no taste, no touch,
no heat, no cold, no memory,
but one loves it, oh so much !
But within, there is pure vision,
with eyes that truly see;
the vision is binocular,
and thus it's in 3.D.

But what the mind, and what the eyes,
that do not see their self;
such things are made; of 'no thing' known,
yet know such Divine wealth.
And that which happens out of time;
then all the time that's made,
would never suffice to tell the tale
of what, in there, is made.

The realm no hand may ever touch,
no physical eye may see,
no breath may pass through panting lungs,
in the womb of Eternity.
And what, my friend, did come to pass
that this may come to be ?
And the miracle, dear Horatio,
that it's made, for you, and me !

And what, amid the temporal life,
do you offer in return ?
And of its truth, my friend, I fear,
that you, do fear to learn.
Yet none the less it's yours, and mine:
made for you, and me;
and nought it does expect of you;
for you... are truly free.

* * *

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