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It has been said that Mystics
negate the world of form;
but I tell you that is not the case;
nor was so at the dawn.

One does not choose this Knowledge;
it is an event in time,
that takes the mind beyond all form
to show of what is thine.
'Tis not a religion, or belief,
and nought to do with faith;
it is evolution of the Mind,
and knowing of its place.
It is the act 'RE-LEGIO',
reunion with the realm,
reunion with the knowledge,
at the Cosmic passions helm.

A Mystic mind is one that knows
its restitution of repose;
and gives not a damn what men believe
whilst children on their mothers sleeve.

A Mystic wants no power,
or glory in men's thought;
nor ponders about profit
which their scheming has them brought-

part two

- Such trifles are mere shadows
of infantile whim;
and they build their castles on a sand
that runs in depth so thin.
But the Knowing Mind has thus returned
To from whence it came that day,
to learn that there is more to life
than is known by the minds of they
who scheme for a mere profit
then wave their banner high
to show the world they're lovely;
but alone, my friend, they cry !

And religions are for children
who feel not safe on Earth,
but in truth the castigators
know nought of this worlds worth;
nor do they know the depths of pain,
or fear, and the unknowing;
But they will - in time - they can be sure,
for their minds are still yet growing.

Religions are a poisonous vine,
for beliefs are the virus that entwine
the spirit in entropic thought;
from the love of power they were wrought.
The Mystic loves the world of form;
of that you rest assured;
but it's not the only extant form
which by the Mystic is adored.

* * *

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