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What writes the book of the Human genome
that sets our temporal mould,
whilst we dwell upon this world
with mystery's yet untold ?

And how many pages in that book
are blank... for us to write;
by actions, and reactions,
of what we wish to bite ?

Do the errors of the parents
manifest among the child;
just as they do with passed on thoughts
which often make us wild ?
How much is writ from ignorance,
how much from self desire;
and what the content of design
that makes the Mind aspire ?

The 'Book' contains of where it's been;
but how much of where it's going?
And as we now have conscious will,
what then of seeds we're sowing ?

And what untapped potential
lies dormant; waiting yet
to modulate the framework
by actions we beget ?
There is more to life than meets the eye;
far more than is yet seen;
thus, never underestimate
the power of your dream.

* * *

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