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Like you, I have met many
who do not make us smile;
they make you feel like life on Earth
never was worthwhile;
as though the Cosmic task had now
failed in its course
or moved to another project
with less to give remorse.

So many seeking happiness,
yet know not where to look;
and if not found amid the world
they settle for a book !

But who, amid such dismal throng,
give an ounce away,
of the thing which they are seeking
for themselves that day ?

It is quite true that happiness
is not quite what life's about,
but it is an essential quality
which is hard to be without.
But neither is it difficult
to create it by your will;
and to give... it costs you nothing !
And if YOU don't... who then will ?

part two

But then again, once in a while,
a passing face will beam,
like the innocence of childhood;
the answer to a dream.
For Man on Earth to be Divine
he does not become a god,
nor the power of creation,
nor waves a magic rod.

To be Divine he simply lives
and emits the spark within;
the spark of Nous Eternal,
which came to Earth with him.

But that, of course, IS MAGIC;
that you can make folk smile,
by bringing forth within you
to make this world worthwhile.
It is quite true that Earthly forms
can give such thing away;
but how much more if conscious minds
did as much each day ?

And surely, I would ask you,
that a conscious mind can do
what a Tree, or Sunset,
can ever come to do !

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