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Reason is a troubled thing
which has nowhere to lie its head;
it worries while it's still alive
about the time it will be dead.
It splits all things to kingdom come
in search of what they are;
like taking all the inside out
to see what makes a car.

But when the bits alone do stand,
there's nothing there to see,
for the world is made of structured things,
including you and me.
And what then is so charming
with a lump of energy
that does not make a cup of soup,
a mountain, or a tree ?

Poor reason's never satisfied
to sit and stare in awe;
it gallops in obsession
and ever wanting more.
But like all other faculties
it is a tool to use;
providing, like so many things,
we learn not to abuse.

Things are made for using,
each in a certain way;
we would not turn the bread we eat
into a bale of hay.
But that is just what reason does
unless we hold the reins
and give a tug to steer the thing
from mangling up our brains.

part two

When reason tries to dig out truth
and the nature of all things,
then let it keep one wary eye
on the tune emotion sings.
For emotion is the first to come
and never fades away;
no reason exists in paradise
where emotion has its day.

And what is this 'E' motion
which drives the inner 'me'?
On its own it is the square
of M times that of C.
But what does all that tell you
of what it's like in hell ?
And it is not reason after all
which in paradise sings so well !

For reason is a mode of thought
which joins things in a row;
but thinking is an act in time,
where only time can flow.
But deeper yet, in structure,
the Cosmic way will show,
that there is no time for thinking
in the realm where we must go.

part three

No time it takes however,
for E motion thus to flow,
for the direction of its travel
is 'up' from down below,
and not along the linear line
which time thus has to go;
nor beamed down from the sky above,
like idiots claim it's so.

Time and space are two things,
not one as some lay claim;
both reason and emotion
are facets of the game;
each with a purpose to its own
and harmony in the whole,
but isolate just one thing made,
and you have not got the whole.

Paradise would have no purpose
if there were no world in time;
and all the worlds that ever exist
need their roots divine.
You cannot have a left hand
if there is no right,
for a hand alone claps silence,
and no thing could then shine bright.

* * *

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