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A Cosmic principle, so deep at root,
of which Man's lost realisation,
is a principle within all realms;
it's known as 'AFFECTATION'.
It is a form of cause and effect
but works in two directions;
a cause cannot effect a thing
without reciprocal affectations.

You cannot lift a feather,
or journey forth to Mars,
without using Cosmic energy;
which thus brought forth the Stars.
The using of such energy
will effect a change in TWO;
just as it is with food you eat,
which becomes a part of YOU.

But on a deeper level
of the self same Cosmic flow,
there is an effect; which now forgot;
which all should thus well know.
Such principle is Cosmic food,
so deep and so profound,
such food is found wherever you look;
in sky, or sea, or ground.

'Tis not food for the body,
nor is it food for thought,
but it is a food of Cosmic growth;
for the Spirit; it is brought.
It is an interaction
deep between your self
and a blade of grass, or flower,
natures deepest hidden wealth.

part two

There is an age old saying
that you cannot live by bread alone;
but the food of which is mentioned
seems now to be unknown.
You will not find such diet
emanating from a Car,
or virtual reality,
or stored in Vintners jar.

Such things are fine; within their place;
but are not Cosmic food;
an exclusive diet of such things
will cause the Soul to brood
and starve of inner movement;
motivation, and deep thrills;
and the food you lack can't be replaced
by magic pots of pills.

The answer is to take a rest;
go walk among the hills,
the trees, the streams, the rivers;
(the Cosmic magic pills).
They will effect a cause on you
with food your Soul does need:
communication from the depths,
which activate the seed;
just like a Rose needs Sunshine,
water, soil, and room;
to make it grow in temporal form,
as is done in the Virgin Womb.

One day you'll find that around you
the deepest Cosmic love
radiates like magic
from a tree; the ground; above;
they shine like jewels in Sunlight,
as the enfolded thus unfurls;
just as it is in Paradise
to lay bare creations pearls.

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