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What meaning has the Universe ?
Such questions men do ask !
while in the dark of Somnus
where ignorance does bask.
What is the meaning of a Tree,
a Rose bud or the Sun ?
The Universe has no meaning;
for it got it right in one.
Only words have meanings,
which point to other things;
but things, well they have purpose,
a function which it brings.
So do not ask the question-
"What meaning that I'm here"?
But, "What now is my purpose,
and what course shall I now steer"?
The mind is made for thinking,
and knowing what there is;
and of endings and beginnings,
and what there is betwixt.
Awareness, they say,
is the steam off the brain,
or the smoke that the fire brings;
How little they know of what they are,
and the nature of such things !
For Consciousness, the Trimorph,
and beyond the senses realm,
is not the cart or Donkey,
but the driver at the helm.
No puppet is the mind you see;
it does not dance to strings;
it only dances to the tune
that love and wisdom brings.
But if you would, by others will,
evacuate your mind;
such choice is yours, and time is yours,
to leave the truth behind.

* * *

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