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Before my time is over
and form must pass away,
I'll sing a song of something
I learned along the way.

When winter's at its deepest
and brings some time for thought,
then ask yourself the question-
"What is there to be sought"?

Do not assume you know what's there
before you really know;
for the flames of self creation
will never make you glow.

There is, however, something
which flows from deep within,
and when it hits the surface-
My God, you'll really sing.

I think that one should mention,
leastwise for myself,
that hearing of such wonders
of the natures hidden wealth,
that if I had heard talk of,
before knowing them myself,
I would have thought the speaker
was in need of mental health.

But as they say- 'you live and learn';
and how true that saying is !
and how many years I waited
before saying that 'it is'.

* * *

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