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What is the nature, and Man's relation to
that from which flows all creation ?
Toy-boy, Pawn, or whipping stone,
or silly pratt that loves to moan ?
But truly do I say that's not,
why Man's becoming was begot;
for Consciousness at stage of Man
is a central part of the eternal plan.

In order that all things can be,
the Cosmos bids us 'come and see'!
Through paradox, pain, and mystic trance
we are but a part of the Cosmic dance.

A part, by which, perchance is grand,
for we are in fact life's true right hand.
Through us the truth does manifest;
and knowledge of all virtues blessed.

Thus, from Somnus we must leap
if fruits of life we wish to reap.
From whence we come and whither we go,
only lovers come to know.

If thou would work the cosmic plan
and integrate the light of Man,
let passion flow completely through,
raise no bar to what is new.

Do not let the mind stagnate
in envy, pride, entropic hate.
For truly when you come to see,
thou shall wobble at thy knee,
as to how important is your lot,
and why, in truth, you were begot.

* * *

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